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Salt / Grit Application Guide
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Approximate estimated usage for impervious surfaces using BS3247 grade rock salt - situation dependent.
Direct Gov government advice on clearing snow and ice
The Snow Code

I heard that if you clear snow or ice and don't clear it properly you can get sued if someone falls, is this true?

The latest Government advice confirms that despite some media reports to the contrary, it is extremely unlikely that someone who has attempted to clear snow in a careful manner will be sued or held legally responsible if someone slips or falls on their property.

This view has been reflected in the Government's website DirectGov "people walking on snow and ice have responsibility to be careful themselves."

It advises that people follow the Snow Code and use salt or grit on icy patches and snow on pathways - DO NOT USE WATER TO MELT ICE OR SNOW - "If you use water to melt the snow, it may refreeze and turn to black ice."

Further to this, there is an obligation on business owners to clear the publicly accessible areas of their premises. It is more likely that a business will be held responsible for a slip on ice or snow where it is perceivable that they would have known of the hazard and done nothing about it.
Is there a set procedure for clearing snow and ice?

Yes, you should follow the Government's advice on clearing ice and snow which it calls the Snow Code. The following advice can be found on the Government advice site
How much salt or grit will i need?

The amount of salt, grit or ice melt will depend on a number of factors including ground moisture, whether it is put down directly onto snow, the humidity of the snow, wind, traffic, further snowfall, shade, ground and air temperatures etc.

As a rough guide you can work on the following :
Example 1: Works yard and access road

1500sqf - approx 15kg per application

You may need to apply 2 or 3 times in a 24 hour period depending on traffic and conditions. Best applying in the evening before the cold night sets in, then again after fresh snow has been cleared in the morning and possibly again during the day.

If snow and/or icy conditions last for 3 weeks, you could use as much as 50+ 25kg bags.

Example 2: Shop/School/Hall car park - 9 car parking spaces

Approx 500sqf - approx 7kg per application

If snow and/or icy conditions are set to last 3 weeks, you are best having approximately 20 bags at hand.

Best application is using a grit spreader to get an even spread especially in large areas without the clumping associated with shovel-scattering.

These are only a rough guide and you may need more than the amounts shown above especially in worsening conditions, where spreading may have to take place several times a day in heavy snow. Always clear snow away when possible before spreading grit.
How long will the salt keep if i dont use it?

Remember, if you dont use all the salt you buy this year, as long as it is stored properly it will still be there for next year. In fact if it is stored in a dry environment or at least where it is not directly going to get wet it should last for many years.
* This page is not intended to provide you with advice on the law relating to any specific issues. You should satisfy yourself as to your own legal obligations seeking professional advice where appropriate.
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