Salt Master MS240

The MS240 can be easily attached to any vehicle with a 2 - inch receiver hitch and are especially appropriate for light
pick up trucks, tractors and utility vehicles - supplied with 2" receiver.

Capacity: 105 Kg
Motor: 100 Watt
Material: Rock Salt
Weight: 50 Kg (Empty)
Warranty: 2 Year
Spread pattern up to 9 Metres
Three-position controller standard
Ideal for 1/2 ton and vehicles including most 4x4's
Mounted power, performance and control when spreading salt.

Ideal for use on:

Commercial Use
Large Areas
Grit Spreaders - Mounted Motorised - Salt Master MS575
saltmaster MS240
Salt Master MS575

Spreader with Vibrator Kit

The poly tailgate spreader quickly and easily spreads salt or salt and sand. It's 1/2 horsepower direct drive motor and
'blast' feature can produce up to 70 amps of surge power to grind through chunks of salt or sand/salt. The 350-
pound hoppers are made of extended life polyethylene.

General Specifications:

Capacity: 350 lbs. 5.75 cu. ft.
Material: #1 Rock Salt
Vehicle Application: SUV, Light truck, 1/2 ton +
Mounting Method: 2" receiver (std); Cat. 1, 3 point hitch (opt); Flat Bed Utility Adapter (opt)
Warranty: 2 Year
Dimensions (L x H x W): 49" x 35.5" x 25"
Weight (Empty): 120 lbs
Vibrator Kit: Optional
Powerful 1/2 HP Motor Features:

Stainless steel shaft
Cast iron end bells
Double Sealed ball bearings
Marine grade caulking at all joints
Water tight harness connections
Extra large armature and copper windings
Powder coat finish

Optional extras

Flow gate -  The flow gate control can be fitted to all Magnum spreaders and allows the operator to set the flow rate based on the material being spread

Forklift mount - This attachment provides the option of using forklift trucks for spreading during the winter months. Ideal for distribution centres,
warehouses, docks and builders merchant yards

Magnum trailer - The magnum trailer has been specifically designed for the magnum range of salt spreaders. The trailer features suspension, lockable tow
hitch. Dimensions: Width: 1.3m Length: 1.5m

Magnum road kit - Includes a lighting board and fixings to attach to the magnum trailer

Tractor mount - 3 point linkage allows easy fitting to tractors and compact tractors and enables easy and quick delivery of salt
Grit Spreaders - Mounted Motorised - Salt Master MS575
saltmaster MS575
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Keep up to date with regular updates on winter information, weather forecasts, winter products and special offers
Keep up to date with regular updates on winter information, weather forecasts, winter products and special offers
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Push grit spreader
* All Spreaders are designed to be used with dry, free-flowing salt. The dryness of salt cannot always be guaranteed. Even spreaders  
that have been designed to cope better with damp salt have a tolerance level beyond which they will not operate to their best  
For best results only part-fill spreaders.
Care for your grit spreader
Care for your Grit Spreader

Salt is corrosive, even on stainless steel. You should wash out your spreader after every use (with water and a pressure washer) and allow it to dry.  
Do not leave salt in the spreader, even overnight. When you are retiring the spreader after the winter season, make sure it is properly washed and  
dried and stored somewhere dry until next use. Grease the gears (if they are accessible). Oil the wheels and lubricate any moving parts so they do  
not cease as they sit for a year. Your spreader will last for years if properly maintained.
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